Is readability a ‘ranking factor’? Marieke discusses this question and how to actually recognise if your content is easy and pleasant to read. She gives you tips on improving your readability, as does our SEO copywriting course! Another question: why don’t all the popular sites have video backgrounds? We’ll tell you why, and why we think you should ban video backgrounds from your site! Have a great read.

Is your content nice and easy to read?

Will readable text lead to higher rankings and more traffic? We believe so! Marieke explains why writing pleasant and easy to read text is important, for users and search engines. Of course, she also helps you recognise where your readability can be improved. It’ll help your site prepare for voice search as well, which is getting bigger by the day!



Write awesome copy that ranks!
Want to improve your writing skills and want to write great content that ranks? This training is exactly what you’re looking for. In our SEO copywriting training, we’ll help you develop your copywriting skills. You’ll know how to write awesome and SEO-friendly content. Working in your writing skills is a great idea in any case, as it’ll improve the readability of your content.



No more video backgrounds!
Why don’t all the big sites have video backgrounds? Because quite frankly: video backgrounds suck. First off, they go through huge amounts of data, which isn’t mobile-friendly. And as the future is (even more) mobile, you want to steer clear of being mobile-unfriendly. Also, you distract your visitor from what you actually want them to learn at your site. Michiel has a strong opinion that he shares with you in this awesome post!


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