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About People Included Inc

People Included Inc is a not for profit organisation that provides a flexible platform for the development, design and delivery of projects, programs and services where the measurable success is social benefit.

Our programs aim to address disadvantage through distance, abilities, and financial issues by connecting people from different backgrounds and places to test ideas, learn new skills and tackle social and economic challenges together.

We facilitate the building of social capital though the initiation of networks and connections. Social capital contributes to the improved performance of diverse groups, the growth of entrepreneurship, superior business management, and enhanced supply chain relations.

It is the value derived from strategic alliances, and the key to the evolution of communities and development of economies.

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People Included Inc is a sustainable, ethical, social enterprise that maintains commercial principles and philosophy at its core. As an independently funded not-for-profit People Included Inc is a neutral platform that develops, as a principal or in partnership, programs and projects that deliver social benefit as the key outcome. People Included Inc aims to engage the disengaged, reconnect those disconnected and include the excluded.

People Included Inc’s practical focus is centred on digital disadvantage, the growing digital divide, and addressing, through our programs and projects, the impacts these have on individuals, communities and organisations.

We want to be the leading specialist in the interactions between the evolving digital environment and real, local, communities.

We want to provide practical projects and programs to Victorian institutions, organisations and communities experiencing the impacts of digital disadvantage.

We want to be an independent, self-sustainable organisation with a network of community locations to directly deliver long term community support across the digital divide.

A community where individuals have equal opportunity to access and utilise the advantages of the digital revolution.

People Included Inc was founded by 5 passionate professionals who began to define their lives & careers differently. While working closely together to deliver a challenging, government-funded, social program they developed the concept that is People Included Inc.

An idea can be daunting. Big or small, there are many steps along the pathway to turning an idea into reality. Equally, circumstances present doubts and detours to dead-ends, such as our level of education, finance, time, location, motivation, confidence, experience and most important of all, do we have the confidence in ourselves, and our idea, to drive us to action.

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What Is An Incorporated Association?

An incorporated association is a registered legal entity usually established for recreational, cultural or charitable purposes. It must have at least five members and all profits are put back into the association’s activities. This structure offers many benefits to suitable organisations. Incorporation makes an association a legal entity and gives it a legal structure independent of its individual members, making it easier for the organisation to enter into contracts.

Incorporation allows your association to:

  • continue regardless of changes to membership
  • accept gifts, bequests and grants
  • buy and sell property
  • enter into enforceable contracts
  • sue or be sued, and
  • invest and borrow money.

An incorporated association can be established for any legal purpose. Registration is inexpensive and it’s relatively easy to establish and operate – the profits are also not subject to tax.

Profits cannot be distributed to members – they must be applied to the objectives of the association. There is an annual financial reporting requirement to both the members and to Consumer Affairs Victoria which attracts a fee.